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"Fun, convenience and accessibility regardless of skill level."

"Need a partner? This tennis ball launcher does the trick."

"The best part about the Slinger is how simple it is to use."

"Their main playing partner became the Slinger Bag, a portable ball machine made by a company the brothers signed on with as endorsers last year. Mike set his up in his backyard in California and practiced his volleys. Bob dragged his to a court near where he lives in Florida and made do."

"How many times have you had the itch to hit the tennis court, but didn’t have anyone to rally with? And when slamming the ball up against a wall just won’t cut it, we think the Slinger Slingshot T-One Tennis Ball Launcher is just the ticket."

The Slinger Bag puts an innovative spin on this familiar teaching staple. A ball launcher constructed for maximum portability, it has a straightforward, user-friendly design that allows players to hit the courts and get right to work on their games, whether it be soft feeds for beginners, or spin-laden drives for the advanced set.

"Kids can hit the local tennis court (or a mere driveway) with Slinger Bag, a rolling tennis ball launcher that looks like a suitcase and can fire up to 72 balls for nonstop stroke practice."

"The Slinger Bag—it’s a ball machine that’s both portable and affordable—has become almost ubiquitous in just over a year on the market."

"Slinger’s interactive tennis ball offerings are designed to provide users with a seamless experience to improve their games without any assistance."

"The acquisition will enhance Slinger’s existing technology capabilities across AI, data collection and performance analysis, initially building upon its core tennis offering."

"Tennis is one of the few games you can play for a lifetime. It also requires a partner. Slinger's Slingshot T-One lets players home their craft on their own."

"The best way to intensively self-coach is a tennis-ball machine. Which is why this new Slinger Bag is wowing players who just want to get on quietly and privately getting better."

"Driveways, lawns, and all kinds of isolated spaces were turned into practice courts for people who own a Slinger Bag, the portable ball launcher that’s designed like a suitcase on wheels."

"Slinger Bag is the must-have ball machine—it’s portable!"

"I remember ball launchers from my youth and they were pretty lame, puffing out balls asthmatically in a very predictable direction, getting wilder the older and more knackered the machine. This is better and more ergonomic, even before you start playing."