Tommy Haas: my top 4 tips for a great topspin shot

In order to contact the ball clean with topspin from the baseline, keep these 4 things in mind assuming you can correctly read the kind of ball you are receiving.

1. The distance between you and the contact point: it really depends on your grip, although it is safe to say that you want to be at a good distance from the ball so you can swing effectively through it.

2. The height of the ball when you make contact: in general terms, you want to contact the ball between your hips and shoulders.

3. Where you contact the ball in the racquet: most players believe their contact points are supposed to be in the very center of the strings, when in reality you want to make contact slightly higher than that.

4. Timing: you want to contact the ball right in front of your hips so you can rotate through the ball and generate good power from the whole body.