How to break down an opponent

Many people think that the only way to attack an opponent is to go to their weakness. Here are some other ways to think about tennis tactics.

1) Attack space: This is pretty common in tennis, players look at where they see the most space and hit to that position.

2) Attack time: This can be done by taking the ball earlier in order to rush the opponent and make them feel like they has less time.

3) Attack movement: Some players feel more comfortable in certain sections on the court. The key is to identify this and try and get them to spend more time in areas where they are less comfortable. A good tip is that not many players feel comfortable coming closer to the net, so bring them in on your terms.

4) Attack strike zone: This is about making sure you are not playing the same ball all the time and unintentionally giving your opponent rhythm. Try to mix up your shots and take pride if you see your opponent frustrated with the lack of rhythm.